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Billions are spent by the government each year on payment of disability fraud cases. The test helps with the solution such:

  • Differentiate from true cases of fraudulent intent.

  • Decreases the cases of fraud for having a social conscience of a more effective test.

  • Decrease the number of lawsuits against the social service and against individuals telling the truth.

  • Reduces unnecessary expenses with repetitive tests.

  • Increases efficiency in the evaluation of occupational accidents system.

  • Government economy measured in billions per year.

  • Extends the right choice of treatment reducing public spending and accelerating the return of the individual in the country's economic process.


The difficulty of people to prove their pain symptoms, causes widespread dissatisfaction . With the test a person´s can:

  • To make the assessment for your own knowledge.

  • Prove disability due to excessive pain.

  • To have more control over the description and quantification of their pain.


  • To compare and to measure the effectiveness of treatment.

  • To demonstrate health state without painful injuries for working capacity.

  • To reduce spending on excessive diagnostics and medical appointments.

  •  Speeds up the decision-making process.

  •  Help identify cases of fraud.

  •  Economy with repetitive unnecessary medical exams.

  • Reduce cases of fake accidents.

  • Enhance social credibility of the company.


This test must be considered mandatory to all companies. See some of the benefits that the company will have:

A companies can also customize this test and have more benefits such:

  •  Prevent absence for work accidents.

  •  Immediate relocation by job description.

  •  Identify the level of risk based on the function of the positions available.


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  • Reproducible and comparative test with the origin of the case.

  • A simplified and easy popular understanding.

  • Accelerates the legal and compensatory process.

  • Visual demonstration of evidence of the claim or not of pain.

  • Universal scientific characteristics.

  • Best chance the individual to tell the truth when confronted with hard evidences.


Diferenciar os casos genuínos dos casos de fraude é um dos compromissos da justiça com a sociedade. Para o setor jurídico o teste oferece:


This year more than 300 million people in the world will have an accident at work. In economy terms, it represents a loss of more than 4% of the worlds annual GDP. It is estimated that more than 20% of those costs are due to fraudulent occupational accidents!


A medical and therapeutics language in a clear and scientific way is a great advantage in practice. For that the test offers:

  • Aid in more effective treatment.

  • A unique understanding in the health service.

  • Reduce of time and cost in the identification of pain symptoms of your patients.

  • Speeds up the decision about treatment.

  • Decreases spending on unnecessary repetitive prescriptions.

  • Facilitates consultation and understanding between the health care provider and the patient.

  • For both the doctor and for the therapist, a more assertive prognosis generating savings for all parties involved.


Insurers are targets of fraud cases mainly coming from faking accidents. See the advantages of the test:

  • Decrease spending on the cases of fraud.

  • Increase the degree of control over the risks of the already insured and new prospects.

  • Helps separate genuine cases from fraudulent ones.

  • Increases profitability for the sector.

  • Accelerates compensatory decisions in all cases targeted by the test.

  • Clear evidence in case of legal disputes.

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